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The Montana boys came down for some early spring fishing and as you can see they came out on top.  Bart, Warren and Clint are a few of my favorite clients and quite lucky as well.  Always a pleasure guys, look forward to seeing you this spring.

This Halibut nearly doubled her weight.  This 180 lbs halibut was one of the most difficult to hook.  We had lost this fish three times before actually hooking her.  We really pulled the tricks out of the hat to convince her to bite a 4th time.  A salmon head completely soaked in Herring oil did the trick

The boat almost never left the dock that morning.  The weather man called for a gail so we decided to peek our nose out past Cape and the seastate was perfect.  Frowns turned upside down and the fish were peeling line off the rods all afternoon.  Mother nature was on our side July 11th.
Congratulations on your great catch!!!


                                                                                  GOOD HAUL

2010 Combo Trip

18 lbs Yelloweye Rockfish
Remember the goldfish your mom made you flush down the toilet as a kid...well here it is.  The Yelloweye Rockfish is a non-pelagic fish, meaning this species resides in one location its whole life.  These grandfathers of the Gulf have been known to live a recorded 118 years.  Although this fish has deliciouse white meat it is recomended that this species be released to preserve the fishery.

Hanz from Germany standing proud next to his personal record of 204 lbs.  Hanz fishes every year with me and is constantly trying to top his record...he set the bar pretty high for himself.  We'll see what we can do for 2011...I look forward to seeing you!

Police officers from Anchorage decided to surrender their arms and let me do the shooting on this trip.  Although they are probably all better shots, it wasn't hard to hit the head on these monsters.  A catch like this is worthy of a "get out of jail free-card" right guys!
                      FISH OR CUT BAIT

Patience is essential...Don't worry Jordan you'll get a bite

Scott Janssen (The Undertaker) demonstrating perfect form while reeling in his first Halibut of the day.
Scott has quite a few different aliases but for 2011 he is known as the Mushin Mortician.  Scott just ran his first Iditarod race this year, a race stretching from willow to Nome for a total of 1049 miles.  Scott completed the race March 9, 2011, and placed 42 out of 63 mushers.  Way to go Scott, we're all proud of you.  I think you finally proved yourself worthy of a deckhand job.

243 lbs Halibut caught on 8oz Jig

Montana Clint claiming his prize, Clint's not a little guy, this fish was massive.  I imagine this one's hanging over the fireplace as we speak.
"Sea Quest" (inside seating for 34 people)

24 knots cruising!!!

This family got a run for their money, landing three fish well over 100 lbs. 
These guys haven't gone to the supermarket in quite some time.

Had the whole family out on this trip.  These guys seemed to enjoy fishing almost as much as I do.  Not a bad catch guys for August 21st !!!  It was a great year for for BIG FISH the boat landed 4 fish over 200 lb. and another over 300 lb that season.  Catches like that amongst the whole fleet are common but for a single boat to have that kind of luck is unusual.