Friday, June 26, 2015

June 24, 2015- Hog gobbles up a live Pink Salmon

Bit of a slow morning for us today.  Weather man was calling for 20kts out of the NE, I didn't want to subject everyone to the weather early in the day so we tucked up into Prince William Sound for a few hours hoping to get a few big Halibut.  By 12pm we had only 1 take and it turned out to be a Lingcod.  We had to throw it back because the season doesn't open until July 1.  So needless to say we were a bit desperate at the time for a few flat fish.  The first spot didn't seem like it was going to pan out so we picked up the anchor and ran a few miles to an area I have never fished.

132 Pound Halibut
We have been trying a lot of different structure out East and so far this has been our best season in 5 years.  Figured we couldn't do any worse than we had done for the previous 3 hours.  We lucked out, after about 1/2 hour and just before slack tide we were able to get a big one to take a full live Pink Salmon we had caught earlier in the day.  In Prince William Sound it is legal to use live Pinks as bait and it can prove to be a very effective bait when they wont bite anything else.  Amanda did great letting the fish take the entire bait before setting the hook.  Many people have the tendency to set the hook to early, pulling the bait away from the fish and spooking it.  She fed him good and fought it like a pro.                                                                             The Sea Quest was still was still in search of 52 Halibut at 1:30pm, I wasn't worried because the afternoon bite has been hot at one of our spots.  We pulled up dropped the lines and pulled out 2 hours later with 54 Halibut. 

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