Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 12, 2015- Killer Bite

Weather has started to turn around on us as the seas have laid down and the sun has finally come out.  This June has been the best fishing I've seen in many years.  The fishing has been great and big fish seem to have come into the grounds earlier than usual.  Not only have the Halibut shown up early, we have seen impressive numbers of Silver Salmon as well.

Zoe from Anchorage was able to hook a really nice 85 pound Halibut on a salmon carcass at our first spot.  The bite was constant with fish ranging from 30 to 50 pounds.  We are looking forward to this week's trips as the weather and the fishing both seem to be warming up at the same time. FISH ON!!!

Ava and Grandma Beoma with 85 pound Halibut
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