Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 13, 2015- Deuces wild with a 222.2 lb Halibut

Another scorcher today on the water.  No wind, and lots of sun made for another perfect day on the water.  One of the first fish of the day happened to be a 222 lb Halibut caught by Kevin Krueger out of Monterey, CA.  This fish was caught off the back deck using a 12 oz Jig.  Kevin is my best friend from high school who is up for a week to visit.  I feel like the luckiest guy in the world getting the opportunity to watch my buddy reel in a fish of a lifetime.   He did a great job keeping his rod bent with the pressure on as this barn door ran side to side and back down to the bottom many times.  A fish this size is not an easy feat on a jig and a lightweight pole.  I'm very proud of him and look forward to talking about this until we grow old.

Today's trip has once again proven that this spring is the best I've seen in ten years.  Two of the kids on the boat both hooked up big King Salmon while Halibut fishing on the bottom.  Fortunately, for kids it's not required that they have a King Stamp, so there was no question as to whether we got to keep these delicious Salmon.  We managed to hook another Halibut around 70 lbs again on a jig.  Other than those two big ones most of the fish were between twenty to forty pounds, which are the best to eat.

Looks like we took the lead again in the Seward Halibut Derby.  Let's hope we can make this one stick.  Thanks again Fish Gods, FISH ON!

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