Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15th, 2015- Joan takes 1st place for the ladies in the Derby!

Today's trip was perfect, the water was flat and the sun was beating down with severe force.  We had a mixed group and a few repeat clients that were lucky enough to pick this day to go fishing.  We cruised out to Montague Island to catch the morning incoming tide.  The current was ripping as soon as we arrived so there was no waiting around for our fish to show up.  As soon as we hit the bottom, Bryce from Seward hooked into a 100lb Halibut on the jig.  He fought this fish for at least 15 minutes and it wasn't easy considering the strong current.  Just when we thought we had it up she would take another dive back down to the rocks.  We fished the rest of the incoming tide, then moved to a spot just a mile away.

The Tide started to swing and before the current picked up Joan from Seward hooked a freight train on the Salmon head.  She handled this fish perfectly cranking it in with finesse.  This fish must have taken at least 100' of line off the reel on the initial bite.  Joan and her husband Barney have fished with me for many years and are my most loyal clients.  Joan has never hooked a fish like this and I'm proud of her for handling it like a boss.  When we hit the dock her fish weighed in at 142 lbs.  She is now in the lead for the women's category in the Seward Halibut Derby.  

Mid way through the tide the bite started to taper off and we were still in need of plenty of fish.  I figured we should roll the dice considering our luck lately and try for some more large Halibut.  We dropped down at a spot known to hold 30-50 pound fish.  It took about 45 minutes to get them biting but once they found the boat it was on.  We landed about eight fish between 30-40lbs.  It was getting late and we were already way behind schedule.  As soon as we started the boat to leave and everyone was reeling in their lines, Kevin from Monterey, the same guy who caught the 221 pounder currently 2nd in the derby, whacked a 70 lb Halibut with the jig.  Talk about clutch timing!  

Looking forward to tomorrow.  Currently nursing sunburns and sore backs, but loving every minute.  FISH ON!
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