Friday, March 11, 2016

Bigger Is Better- 5 Reasons why choosing a larger boat may suit you better than you think!

After doing various sports shows around America and talking with thousands of people about planning their fishing vacations.  There has always been one question followed by a deep grumble that has always been offsetting.  "How many people do you take out? Hmm that's way too many people."  I figured I would state a few very valid points that may just have you opting for something a little bigger.  Bigger is better right? at least it is in Alaska.  Check it out...

Halibut are a scent oriented fish that locate prey by smell rather than sight in most cases.  On the Sea Quest they take more bait than any charter boat in the fleet.  The deckhands are responsible for luring the fish to the boat using what we call a “Chum Bomb”.  There is always 18 lines soaking bait in the water at once creating the scent and visual appeal of a school of bait.  Smaller boats such as six packs don’t have deckhands to constantly scent the water.  Also a smaller 6 pack boat lacks the storage capacity to
bring more bait than what is needed to bait hooks.


Chance of cancellation is much greater on a 6 pack boat.  Alaska weather is unpredictable and when booking trips especially in August the chance of encountering some very uncomfortable weather is much more likely.  Smaller boats will either cancel the trip or pound into the weather depending on the captains determination to either catch fish or get paid.  A larger boat such as the Sea Quest is a much more stable and comfortable fishing platform.  The vessel is 50’ in length and 18.5” wide, making it the largest, fastest and newest big boat in Seward and possibly South Central Alaska.  The Sea Quest is Catamaran meaning “two hulls” instead of a traditional mono “single” hull vessel.  The difference in the ride and stability are paramount to the traditional mono hull boats.  People who are susceptible to sea sickness tend to do much better on Catamarans especially ones of this size and quality.  


The Sea Quest will have your catch filleted, bagged and tagged with your corresponding color by the time you hit the dock at night.  Because we choose to fillet while underway our clients get to fish longer rather than race back to the dock to hang fish for photos, and fillet.  The drive to and from the fishing grounds covers some of the most beautiful coastline in Alaska passing by various Fjords and wildlife.  We have always felt that a picture holding your fish in front of a glacier screams Alaska, rather than a wooden sign with a name carved into it.  


The Sea Quest is the only charter boat with a guaranteed indoor seat for everyone.  The salon tables inside are great for anglers enjoy a game of cards or read the paper to pass the time to the fishing grounds.  Warm coffee and tea on demand are a must for those cold rainy days and the Sea Quest never runs out.  There is also a heated stove that keeps the cabin at an even 70’ degrees; no matter what it's doing outside.  The upper deck on the Sea Quest is a perfect way to snap some photos of the wildlife or get an action shot of the fisherman below.  It’s a long day on the water, it’s our goal to make sure you're as comfortable as possible.

Oh, and I almost forgot...All you ladies out there "A full head" which in landlubbers terms is a toilet. We look forward to fishing with you, and hope that you let us make that bucket list trip a reality.  FISHON!

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