Monday, March 14, 2016

FREE AIRFARE TO ALASKA! ok not free, but pretty darn close- Check it out...

Want to know when the best time is to book a trip to Alaska?  Well, the time is NOW.  As I was browsing the Internet I stumbled across multiple sites advertising tickets for half the cost to drive to these destinations.  I'll be driving from California to Alaska this Friday and am starting to regret my decision.  Looks like those of you who have been putting off your bucket list trip no longer have an excuse.  So grab your best pair of boots, some mosquito repellent, some bear bells if you like the attention and get up here and go fishing.

(Minneapolis MN to Anchorage- Round Trip 6/3- 6/9

Oil prices have hit a historic low in Alaska, making the once so distant state a whole lot closer.  For those of you who think you need a passport to get here, don't worry you own this one as well as the other 49 states. June is a great time to come to Seward.  The Sockeye Salmon pour into Resurrection Bay, and the Halibut fishing can be phenomenal.  As usual, the earlier you book your airlines and accommodations the better.  Seward has been filling up fairly quickly in the past few years do to the influx in tourism so PLAN AHEAD.  Best way to do that is call us (907) 224-BOOK.

Too good to be true? check the following sites yourself:

(Long Beach, CA to Anchorage, AK-ROUND TRIP) 6/3- 6/9


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